South African Wire Association

The goal of the South African Wire Association (SAWA) is to promote exports of members’ products through synergy of research, marketing, training and cooperation with industry and government initiatives for the creation of wealth for the nation. All  members are reputable manufacturers and competent exporters who adhere to the Association’s code of conduct for international trade.

 South African wire products have been exported worldwide for many years and are renown    for innovation, quality, service and competitive pricing .

For information on the products and services offered by SAWA members please contact:

Keith Campbell

Executive Director

S.A.Wire Association

Phone : +27 11 455 3228

Fax:      +27 11 455 3227




Competition Guideline of the SAWA Wire Business Council:

SAWA members are committed to compliance with the Competition Act  ( Act 89 of 1998 and may participate in SAWA activities  provided they refrain from exchanging sensitive proprietary information or engaging in activities and discussions which fix prices and  / or manipulate the market.